Welcome to 'Growing Pearls'

Behind The Label's Online Learning Community - promoting creative and ethical responses to mental distress and suffering

As you might already know, I'm a survivor of overwhelming distress and an international mental health trainer. In the current pandemic it has become increasingly obvious the we need new opportunities to connect, learn and grow - personally and professionally. Also, as the weeks have turned into months I've also been asked by many people whether I can provide training online.

Growing Pearls is my answer to this - I'm hoping it will become a sustainable learning community that enables members to engage with each other and - if wanted - my courses.

People may join for many reasons, but I'm hoping that it will bring together those who are interested in creative, compassionate and ethical responses to distress, trauma and extreme states - whatever names we use to describe them (e.g. psychosis, hearing voices, self-harm, dissociation).

Importantly, this is a space for openness and exploration. Somewhere to share our ideas, our wisdom and learn from each other. You are welcome whether your relationship to this topic is mainly personal, professional, academic or a combination. Have a look around, and - if it feels like a good fit - please register. You're welcome here.


Register for our community if you'd like to connect, share, learn and find some ways forward