The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse

Access to online courses and more intensive input

The Greenhouse is a space for those who want to develop a particular area of their understanding, skills or confidence by taking part in one of my courses. It is aimed at people with an interest in ethical, creative and compassionate responses to those struggling with the impact of trauma, hearing voices, psychosis, dissociation, self-harm and other extreme states. Over the next few months I'll be adding extra content - so bookmark this page if you're interested.

Each course includes access to:

  • Learning resources (including videos and additional reading)
  • Reflective tasks (to help embed learning)
  • Opportunities to engage with other learners and tutors

Due to the Covid-19 situation, I am offering access to courses for a set period of time (3 months) in order to give you plenty of time to absorb material and come back to it when needed. All courses are offered on a 'pay what you can' basis. Money should never be a barrier to learning.

You can also access my free 'short thoughts' ... short videos aimed at generating thought and discussion.

Whether your interest is personal or professional (or, as is often the case, a mixture of both) - you are welcome here.

Current Courses & Workshops

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