Campfire Circles

Campfire Circles

Creating spaces for deeper dialogue around a theme

As stimulating as I find walks around the garden, soaking up a range of ideas and influences, I also value spaces where I can settle for a time and really delve into a particular issue or topic with a group of people. This reminds me a little of what happens when we light a fire pit or campfire ... some of us gather together for dialogue, learning more about ourselves and each other as we go.

In creating a structure for this community, I am trying to encourage openness and polyphony - yet recognise that there are times when smaller more intimate spaces are required. So, in addition to the courses available in the Greenhouse, I will be adding a range of Campfire Circles. Campfire Circles are spaces that will enable us to gather, talk more deeply and get to know the people we are sitting beside as we toast some marshmallows (metaphorically, at least). They are ideal when we want to explore a particular theme or issue.

In time, I hope that these Campfire Circles can be initiated organically - by any community member who feels the pull to create one. Some may burn brightly for a few weeks or months, and then fade away as the need moves on. Others may endue and be a much needed anchor within this ever-changing world we live in.

However, as we are still only beginning to find our way in this space and discover how we - as individuals and as collectives - fit within it, I want to start slowly. I am keen that the garden retains energy and that we still spend time connecting with new people and ideas. My worry (albeit a small one) is that Campfire Circles may become exclusive and exclusionary, so I ask for your help to resist that potential and do our best to create spaces that are welcoming and inviting.

If you want to suggest a Campfire Circle on a particular theme or topic, please share your ideas with other members in The Garden. Some ideas will stay within the Garden - finding that the space there is sufficient. Others may branch out into a Campfire (which I can set up for you - and support you to manage).

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