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Learning Agreement

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In taking part in this community, I ask that you try to work with some basic principles: 

Generosity: Whatever brings us here, we each benefit from the community being a vibrant, supportive and engaging place to learn.

I hope we can create a space where members are generous with their:

  • time (reading others' contributions and responding)
  • ideas (sharing their own thoughts, ideas and resources)
  • spirit (recognising that each of us is here to learn and treating each other with kindness and respect - even when we disagree )

Polyphony: There is no single way of understanding, responding to, or talking about distress.It is my hope that we can welcome, and encourage, diverse viewpoints and experiences.

Curiosity: For me, an integral part of learning is being curious about ideas and perspectives that differ from my own. This isn't about pretending to agree with everyone and papering over cracks. It's about engaging with issues from different vantage points and recognising our truths are not universal.

Respect: For me, this boils down to being considerate of each other and remembering we all have a right to be here and something to contribute. We can show respect by listening to each other and, importantly, avoiding putting others down, personal attacks or making assumptions about them. This includes avoiding racism, homophobia, sexist, ableism, transphobia and other derogatory terms.

Respect also plays a part in our use of the personal messaging system. I have it enabled at the moment, as I realise that useful connections may be made here. However, please respect the space of each other. Not everyone will want to deal with personal messages - so ask permission, and be understanding if the person you're wishing to talk with does not reply.

Confidentiality and anonymity: I ask that you keep all personal information shared in this community confidential (i.e. that you don't take screenshots or share it with others). However, I hope that you do share the pearls of learning that you gain. Also, when talking about specific people or organisations - consider whether you need to share their name (i.e. signposting someone to a resource) or whether it is best done anonymously to protect their privacy.

As you are taking part in a learning community set up by me, I have the same responsibilities to you as I would if you were attending a course in person. As such, the only time I would consider breaking confidentiality is if I was worried about the risk of severe/life-threatening harm to a person (including a child) or if it was a legal requirement. Before making a decision, I would always want to check in with you first to talk it through and agree a plan if needed (as it is easy to misinterpret things on the internet) and only pass on information strictly related to the situation.

Tree imageTake care of yourself and be mindful of others: This is a community, but your first responsibility is to your own wellbeing.  Engage in the topics and discussions you feel able. Also, try to bear in mind that the words on here are spoken and ready by humans (even though you can't see them). Treat them with the same care that you would if you were in the same room.

This community may become many things - but first and foremost it is a learning community. Let's support each other to learn, develop and grow.

If you have any questions, just message me or email