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Growing Pearls consists of three main areas.

The Garden

Garden imageWhen you register for Growing Pearls Learning Community you are automatically given the key to The Garden. This is a space for members to chat, share ideas, grow inspiration and share resources. It's somewhere you can sew seeds and engage with others to help them grow.

Sometimes we work hard, turning over the earth and break a sweat. Other times we get a cold glass of lemonade and put our feet up. Sometimes we host a gathering, bringing together people we connect with to explore a topic that interests us.

So, whilst our broad aim at Growing Pearls is to encourage dialogue around creative, ethical and collaborative ways of understanding and supporting people in distress (whatever form that takes), you are welcome to use The Garden to do what sustains you. 

Sometimes we all need a space just to offload, be heard and chill. 

The Garden will be pruned occasionally, removing inactive members, to make space for new growth.

The Greenhouse

Greenhouse imageWhilst some of you may never wish to venture far from the garden, others may wish to pay particular attention to developing a particular skill or area of knowledge. If that sounds familiar, you may wish to head to the Greenhouse for more intensive input.

Courses include access to learning material (e.g. videos, reflective tasks and resources) as well as the opportunity to engage with other learners and me (as the course tutor).

Access to courses within The Greenhouse is by application only and on a 'Pay What You Can' basis. This means that financial resources are not a barrier to learning. Those who need it can access it for free, or for low cost. 

However, as this is my living, I also ask that you think honestly about what you can afford or feel able to pay. This is a relationship of trust.

The Kitchen

Kitchen imageAfter you've completed a course, in the Greenhouse, you will automatically have access to the Kitchen. This is a space that course graduates can use to connect with others as they begin to implement some of the strategies discussed in the course, integrate them into their existing knowledge and use it to cook up something new.

The Kitchen is a space for supported experimentation with others who have had access to similar ingredients (the course material) yet bring their own styles and flavour into the mix.